Class survey (sports)

EFL Summer School

Have you ever performed a class survey? Icebreakers with a new cohort, warmers, lead-ins, consolidating language, reviewing themes… class surveys are dynamic.

As obvious as this may sound, they also get students on their feet. For me personally, the process of doing language requires movement and getting students up provides a change of pace from any sedentary involvement that may have preceded it.

Class surveys promote interactive communication, give opportunities to consolidate language, allow students to personalise their responses and go beyond typical utterances to extend their discourse further. A simple class survey could be performed with a beginner class; the language is provided by the teacher and interaction rarely shift beyond the boundaries of expected adjacency pairs. However, the same class survey might also be performed by a more proficient cohort as a springboard for less predictable interactive communication. I hasten to add that both the beginner and more…

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