Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

EFL Summer School

You have two employees:

Employee one

The first is a natural at the job. They manage their workload well and always finish on time. The only criticism is they are not receptive to constructive feedback, specifically in terms of how things should be structured and done on an organisational level; the company has invested time into developing systems which they really want everyone to use. Having said this, employee one has their own way of doing things, and it works effectively.

Employee two

The second person is a different story. There were performance concerns from the outset: deadlines were not being met, straightforward systems and admin were becoming far too labour intensive, and rudimentary features of the role were being forgotten. At a critical point, management intervened. Employee two responded well to feedback and was prepared to work with the managerial team to improve their performance. A plan was drawn…

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